Adult Programmes

Our programmes focus on providing adults with autism with the knowledge and tools and a well-rounded set of skills necessary to facilitate independence in the community, as well as help them navigate into the workplace and independent living.

Adult Programmes

This programme focuses on developing leisure skills that encourage and promote growth and socialisation in the areas of sensory and motor needs. Individuals are engaged in a variety of leisure activities at the centre and outside. Community-based Day Service This programme focuses on developing recreation skills that encourage independence in the community, socialisation and growth in the areas of sensory and motor needs. Individuals are engaged in a range of activities both at the centre and in the community. Outreach Programme The focus of this interactive programme is the promotion of friendship building, as well as on community safety and readiness skills. The outreach recreational activities will allow individuals to improve their independence in the community. Our outreach service also offers a bespoke person-centred approach that is tailored to the needs of the individual with autism and complex needs, thus, developing the individual’s skills in a positive and encouraging manner. Training We  provide a wide range of customised training programs for family/caregivers and professionals aimed at building a solid knowledge and understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder and its impact on individuals. These are comprehensive workshops with many practical ideas that are easy to implement. ABA therapy e-learning Training Practical Training Access to Diplomas Challenging Behaviours Intervention Training Makaton Training PECS Training One-to-One Training Supported Living The accommodation is based in Barnet and can accommodate up to 5 adults. The property is a spacious property with individual bedrooms, two with en-suite, two communal bathrooms, a large shared lounge and kitchen and an extensive garden

Our Aim

Our aim is to support individuals with Autistic Spectrum Disorder to lead empowered and rewarding lives, by offering them independence, support and a low arousal environment. Staff are present 24 hours a day to offer individuals 1:1 support. Individuals are supported to enhance their skills and abilities by accessing the local community, facilities and local colleges in order to gain opportunity for employment in the future. All staff are fully trained to an exceptionally high standard in autism as well as health & safety, epilepsy, challenging behaviour and safeguarding as well as other mandatory training. Visual support, PECS, Makaton, BSL, ABA and verbal communication are a few of the ways we help support individuals with us. Skills and Expertise The Team Leader has vast experience in the management of day services, residential, outreach and supported living services for adults aged 18-79 with learning disabilities, autism, PICA, epilepsy, ADHD, and mental health and has completed Level 5 in Health & Social Care in Leadership and Management (equivalent to the Registered Managers Award). The Team Leader is a medication assessor as well as a social skills trainer and is currently studying an undergraduate course in autism. Level 1 Support Workers have a minimum of Level 2 in Health and Social Care and are trained in mental capacity, safeguarding, deprivation of liberty, first aid, autism awareness and nutrition and health. Our Level 2 Support Worker is trained to Level 3 in Health & Social Care and is currently enrolled to complete Level 5. As well as having experience working with epilepsy, autism and learning disabilities, our Level 2 Support Worker is very experienced in visual support. Referral Process Call/Email: Enquiry: Ask for information about our services, approach, assessments, costs, etc. Referral: You can refer clients for a consultation or an assessment, just call or email us. We will put you in contact with the right people. Assessment: After an agreed date, we will send two experienced staff to complete an initial assessment. We will gather information from the individual, family/carers, friends and other professionals. We will also observe the individual in different environments, whenever possible. Visit services: You are welcome to visit our services at any point, just arrange it with us via phone call or email. Recommendations & costs: After we complete the assessment, we will present our recommendations. The management team will then prepare the weekly costs based on the assessments and recommendations. A placement agreement will be sent to you and/or responsible authority. Cost agreed / Placement agreement: Before we start supporting any individual, the placement and costs will need to be agreed. Transition: A transition plan will be created and agreed by all parties in order to start supporting an individual. The transition plan identifies the transition team and its responsibilities. The plan also identifies the tools, techniques and methodologies that are needed to perform a great transition in our services. Induction: A service induction will be carried out with the individual as soon as he/she starts using our facilities. The aim of the induction is to provide detailed and useful information about the service in order to help the individual understand the service, surroundings, approach, expectations, rules, etc. Creation of support plan, risk assessments, guidelines, etc: A Keyworker will be delegated and will have special responsibility for the individual. The keyworker will create a support folder which will contain all important documents needed for an effective support of the person. 6 weeks review: The keyworker will arrange a 6 weeks review with the person and all people involved in his/her support (e.g. family/carer, social worker, care manager, physiologist, etc.). The aim of this review is to present the progress of the person, achievement, difficulties and set up an action plan for the next 3 months. Documentation might be shared at this point in order to get involvement from all parties. 3 months review: A 3 months review will be arranged by the Key worker to follow up the action plan and discuss other important issues. A new action plan will be set up upon everyone’s agreement. 6 months review: The Key Worker will arrange the 6 months review in order to follow up the action plan set from the previous meeting. In this meeting progress and difficulties will be discussed and a new action plan will be set. Annual review: An annual review is used to reassess needs, identify achievements, discuss difficulties, discover areas of satisfaction/dissatisfaction and set up a new action plan for the following year.
For more information please contact us on “02082163496” or email us on : Info@tadeautismcentre.com